Why the video of ‘Treat you better’ of Shawn Mendes is more than just a music video?

Shawn Mendes has just dropped the video for his song ‘Treat You Better’ on his official VEVO channel. And guess what, it’s not just a regular music video but a video with great message for people worldwide.

In this video, Mendes has made an effort to end an abusive relationship. Though it may seem superficially that he is just trying to win a girl he loves from a guy who doesn’t love her but this video has conveyed the message to everyone to make an effort towards raising voice against abusive relationship and domestic violence because we know these are crimes. The message becomes clearer when “Say NO to domestic violence” appears at the end of the video.

Many people become victimized of an abusive relationship and domestic violence but they prefer to stay silent just because they don’t want to see their partnet in any kind of trouble. But what people should know is these are crimes. Prominently, females are more prone to become victimized in an abusive relationship. It is a global issue but the problem is still major in most areas in the world.

Shawn Mendes, in the video, can be seen as an activist who has raised voice against domestic violence. Though Mendes is still in his teenage, his effort to convey us such a powerful message is applaudable. Keep it up Shawn. This world needs more artists like you.



Durgish Films searching for new leads

After the success of movies such as ‘Hostel’, ‘Sayad’, ‘Hostel Returns’ and the initiation of the shooting of ‘Sayad 2’ , well renowned movie banner Durgish Films has announced the search for the new lead actors for its fifth venture, ‘Laure’.

Sunil Rawal through his Facebook account announced that Durgish Films is searching for a lead male actor and a female actress. He further stated that the male applying for the role should have attractive Mongolian feature and should be between the age of 20-23. The female lead should be between the age of 19-22. “Candidates from Dharan will be highly prioritized”, he wrote.

The interested candidates can send their photographs along with their CV to the email address : durgishfilms@ymail.com

So ladies and gentlemen, here’s your chance to shine bright on your acting career. All the best!

How long will I love you?

How long will I love you ? Ellie Goulding Song


“How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can
How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan

How long will I be with you
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash up on the sand

How long will I want you
As long as you want me to
And longer by far
How long will I hold you
As long as your father told you
As long as you can

How long will I give to you
As long as I live through you
However long you say

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I may

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you”

-Ellie Goulding (OST About Time)

As I go through the lyrics of this song, I get chills. I remember how I had given up on this thing called love whereas after such a long period, I feel like falling so hard in love; I feel like loving that one person unconditionally. Someone had said it true that love happens when you expect it the least. Whenever you ask me “How long will you love me?” , my answer will be the same every time. Yes, I will love you as long as the stars are above you and longer if I can.

images (11)

May be it was just a matter of time that I didn’t feel like falling hard in love. But may be every thing that happened were meant to be about love at last.How long will I l


Adopt a pet..


Okay, first thing’s first, I am going to be real honest but I have more compassion for animals than for people themselves. No offence, I am not trying to undervalue the most rational being in this planet in front of a cat or dog or anyone humans look down to being less rational or not rational at all. Wow! animals have so much compassion within themselves. Not trying to be rude, however truth is bitter most of the times. This is an era when animals are able to share love that humans are not able.( And from my side little fellas, you will get exactly what you give to me, much love in return) (*grins looking at the cat)

I don’t know where do all this love come from in my case but I am quite sure about one thing that if i had to choose to save life of either a cat/dog or a human, I would go for the first option. These little fellas have so much to offer without even demanding for anything but we, the humans run with some hidden motives. Isn’t it time to learn something from these little souls? People find me weird, they find me awkward and I know they remain by my side until they are able to get something from me..Hell yeah! humans are selfish but as far I have experienced my pets never left my side even when I had nothing to offer to them. They gave me hug and consoled me with their voices of barks and meows during the hardest times of my life but those people who showed themselves as my best friends find it hard even to talk with me unless they need some favor from me. Thus, my act of choosing an animal over a human is completely reasonable. So keep spreading love to your pets or animals around. Their love for you is not gonna change or disappear but will be increasing with each passing day. They are equally important as people are. The difference is they will never make you prioritize their significance. More to this, pet owners are likely less prone to get heart attacks or mental diseases.(Yeah it’s scientifically proved)

Adopt a pet today, spread love and remain happy.


GOTHAM : The Rise of Evil

Ruby Rose Has Stars In Her Eyes!

Chapter 2 (Arrival of a new face)

As soon as it was revealed that Lydia was missing, Mayor got an anonymous call again.

“Well, well Mr. Mayor, why do I feel like you don’t care about anyone except yourself?” someone with a familiar voice spoke. Then the call was disconnected.

“We need to go to the Defense Department. Let’s go there”, Mayor expressed.

As Mayor and his people were heading to the Defense Department, reporter Diane Smith weighed in.

“You couldn’t save your own daughter from Arrow, what can the Gothamians expect from you Mr. Mayor?” she asked.

“I am here to protect Gotham any how; thank you”, replied Mayor.

Then, he hurried to his vehicle.

“We will be watching how, you are welcome”; exclaimed Smith.

All the way long, Mayor couldn’t stop thinking about Lydia. He was worried that Arrow would do something harmful to her. He was filled with chaos and the result it could bring was disastrous for the Gotham city.

On reaching the Security and Defense Department, Mayor met the new head of the department, Spencer Hasting.

“Hello there Mr. Mayor. I am Spencer Hasting, the new head”, greeted Hasting.

“I have no time for greets now, Mr. Hasting. I am concerned with the security of the city. It would be gratefulness of yours if you can elaborate the plan now”, expressed Mayor.

“Okay sire! We have set up surveillance cameras all over the city and extended our control rooms. The shoot on sight order is spread throughout and we have sent our top snipers to keep an eye on Arrow. The civilians are requested to inform the control panels whenever they see or encounter with Arrow”, explained Hasting.

“May I say something on this matter?”, said someone loudly from the corridor.

Everybody turned around. It was a woman.

“This is not a discussion about music or hippies. I wonder how a woman covered with tattoos and wearing sunglasses in a considerably dark room can be of any help to us”, mocked Hasting.

“Oh, I wonder even deeper how a person, whose hair has turned ash grey and has got a stomach as big as the one made by a corrupt politician by leeching the bodies of civilians, can be the Head of the Security and Defense Department”, bashed the woman.

“Who let you in woman?” cried Hasting.

“Looks doesn’t matter Mr. Hasting. We deal with our brains on here and I guess tattoos are not able to cover our brains and for further information about myself, I am the new weapon specialist you had called. Right, sir?” she said looking towards the Mayor.

Showing her identity card, “Aria Strand, officer at the Crime Bureau to be more precise”.

“Oh Miss Strand, I am glad you’ve arrived so soon”, said Mayor.

“I am just one call away for any help I can do for you, sir”, Aria expressed.

“Mr. Hasting, she is the weapon specialist I have called to support your team. I expect your full co-operation with her. Trust me, she won’t disappoint your team”, said the Mayor and he left.

“And yeah, remember looks can be deceiving”, added Aria.

“Mr. Hasting, I have a better suggestion than shoot on site order because most presumably Arrow can’t be that foolish to wander around without bullet proof suit. We can’t underestimate Arrow in any matter. So, I suggest you to change the shoot on sight order to laser shooting. That would be more effective right now. Arrow would obviously expect us to use bullets but we will counteract his expectation”, explained Aria.

“Really? Do you think it’s a better way to deal with problem we are facing now? Miss Strand, you’d better not advise us what’s better regarding this matter. What do you know anyway? You are just an amateur. I have been working here for a long time now. We have far more excellent specialists to work for us”, cried Hasting.

 “Yeah, I know Mr. Hasting that you are under a lot of pressure right now and whatever statements you made about me about being an amateur and unexperienced are also true. But Mr. Strand, I am personally concerned with Lydia’s well-being. You may not know the fact that I am her best friend. We have remained best friends for more than a decade now and I care about Lydia as much as Mr. Mayor does about her”, Aria stated.

“I don’t know about how bad you feel to get constantly pressed by someone for accomplishing something but believe me, when a person you really love and care about gets into a dangerous situation, it really feels bad. Being her best friend, I can’t remain unconcerned about her”, she added.

“Okay, whatever. Do you have a better plan?”, asked Hasting.

“Yeah, I already suggested you to use plasma instead of bullets. And.. “

Aria was suddenly interrupted when one of the members of the Defense Department came rushing.

“Sir, there has been a massive bomb attack in the city and more than thousand have lost their lives in there”, he said.

“Who did it? Any information? Is it Arrow?”, asked Hasting.

“Watching the security footage, it is found to be a suicide bomber but we are not sure about who he was led by, sir”, explained the officer.

“It is none other than Arrow, I am sure about it”, Hasting said.

“We cannot jump to conclusions this soon, Mr. Hasting”, spoke Aria.

“Arrow is the only suspect after series of all these distortions he has caused”, expressed Hasting.

“Show me the security footage now”, ordered Aria.

(After watching the security footage time and again)

“Look at this person Mr. Hasting”, said Aria.

After magnifying the view of the video,

“Mr. Hasting, watch this person carefully. He is acting weird. He is not blinking his eyes. He just arrived there like his actions have been controlled by someone. His movements show that he was brainwashed”, disclosed Aria.

“Extract picture of that suicide bomber and send it to every investigation department in Gotham to find out who he was”, ordered Mr. Hasting.

(After waiting for an hour, one of the officers entered with the information.)

“Sir, his name was David Wilkinson. His wife reported a missing complaint about him two days ago”, he exclaimed.

“And we have noticed something strange sir”, he added.

“What is it?”, asked Hasting.

“Within a period of two days, people have placed more than 500 missing complaints”, he expressed.

“What? Why did not you inform me earlier?”, shouted Hasting.

“It’s because we were already pre-occupied by the investigation of Mr. Mayor’s daughter’s abduction and Arrow”, he answered.

“Where is this city actually heading to?”, Aria mumbled.

“Mr. Hasting, we really need to act quickly to save Gotham. My intuition says that someone is catering people and hijacking their brain. I think we will be dealing with something very bad soon, may be Arrow or someone more evil, very, very evil”, Aria said.

Back To Nature

Birdy with nature
Serenade me
Standing high
Beauty bursting from nature

Whenever I get too tired due to my hectic schedule of study and work, it is really necessary for me to go somewhere peaceful and serene. Nothing other than nature has ever been able to solace my heart and mind. These are some of the pictures I took back at the Godawari Botanical Garden.